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What I’ve been up to! | Mini-Cut, Amsterdam, What’s next?

Hi Everyone!

It feels like an age since I sat down and did a blog post! Especially one where I just update you on everything that I’ve been up to the last few weeks! Between my Mini-Cut, my trip to Amsterdam and everything in between I have a lot to catch you guys up on! My last blog left off after week 2 of my Mini-Cut. Technically tomorrow marks the start of week 6! I really have some explaining to do!

Pre-Amsterdam Mini-Cut

So week 3 of my Mini-Cut seems like so long ago! It was the week before I was heading to Amsterdam so I knew that I wanted to try to be as good as possible but it didn’t quite go to plan. I floated around the 163-164 range with my lowest weight of that week being 163.4. I actually ended up going to my parents house the weekend before Amsterdam, so that’s pretty much when I stopped weighing myself before the trip. The amount of yummy food I ate while down there definitley was a sign of what the following week was going to hold for me. Working it out I averaged about 163.9 for week 3; which was actually 1lb up on week 2.



So I had said that I wanted to minimise the damage while on my trip but that went straight out the window as soon as I got to the airport. Chips and wine was what started the holiday off! And it continued in that fashion for the rest of the trip. I think that if we din’t do as much walking as we did I would probably have come back about 2 stone heavier! Between a pub crawl the first night, all the tasty breakfasts and dinners, which consisted of Italian, Mexican and the Hard Rock cafe and all the tasty cocktails it was an amazing trip! And that’s before all the tourist stuff thrown in! Boat trips, Diamond factories, the Heineken experience, the ice bar, Anne Franks House, the Red Light district! I’m already planning my next trip there! Thankfully I didn’t get run over by a bike, but there were a few near misses! For all of us! Describing it doens’t really do it justice so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking!


Breakfast Day 1: Pear and Cinnamon Oatmeal

Dinner Day 1: Chicken Mac & Cheese (Hard Rock Cafe)2016-11-03-21_fotor

Chilling at the Amsterdam Sign2016-11-04-09_fotor

Breakfast Day 3: French Toast2016-11-04-13_fotor

Lunch Day 3: Chorizo Toastie2016-11-04-18_fotor

Dinner Day 3: Chicken Enchiladas

Post-Amsterdam Mini-Cut

We landed back in Ireland on the Saturday and there was no chance that I was going anywhere near that scales until at least Monday! Assessing the damage I weighed in at 169.4 on Monday morning, day 1 of week 4! It probably could have been so much worse! But if I said that I wasn’t disappointed I would by lying. I honestly felt that despite and amazing trip, I had undone all my hard work from the first two weeks on my cut. It was definitley the motivation that I needed! So I went back to basics, meal prepping all meals, working out my macros and sticking to them and hitting the gym hard! The evening were definitley the hardest and I went to bed feeling hungry most of the nights but seeing the numbers come down each morning was all worth it. My calories were anywhere from about 1300 – 1500 a day before exercise. So with some heavy lifting sessions and a bit of HIIT I was hitting a pretty big deficit. By the Saturday I was down to 165lbs. On the Saturday night my sister came to visit and we ended up going out for dinner and cocktails. I had such a good evening that the calories and the ‘damage’ didn’t even enter my head. I had done a good HIIT session in the gym that morning to make up for what I knew I was going to be eating later in the day.

On Sunday I weighed in at 168lbs but I knew that most of that was water weight. I got straight back into my routine and ended up weighing in on day 1 of week 5 at 167.8. The breakfast waffle probably had a part to play in that. Sticking with my meal prep, keeping within my macros and hitting the gym saw my weight continue to drop day after day. I ended up weighing in at 162lbs this morning, and I couldn’t be happier!

Some people will probably think that what I’m doing right now sounds like torture. Of course I get cravings for chocolate and sweets. Like last night when the BF opened a bar of Oreo Dairy Milk or when he came home with cakes today. I’ve just said no as seeing the daily progress and feeling great and more important to me than a piece of chocolate or a cupcake!

I’ve decided to do two more weeks of this Mini-Cut and then I’ll be back on a strength program, which will leave me between 10 – 12 weeks out from my next competition, whichever one I choose to do. I’m excited to see what the next few weeks bring! I’ll be keeping you updated with my progress and keep any eye out for a blog post coming in the next few weeks on how going dairy and refined-sugar free helped my cut!


Hope you enjoyed todays post!

Keep Lifting,

Sophie x

Week 3 Avg: 163.9lbs

Week 4 Avg: 166.6lbs

Week 5 Avg 163.9lbs


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