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I just got back from an amazing trip and really want it to share it with you guys! We spent 6 days in the wonderful, crazy, busy city of New York.

Saturday, November 5th


Our trip started with a morning flight from Dublin to JFK; we flew Aer Lingus and after a 7-hour flight we landed in sunny and warm New York. We got a cab into the city to our hotel; the Hotel Pennsylvania. The hotel is only 2 and a half stars and if you’re looking for luxury this is probably not the hotel for you. But if you’re looking for somewhere central and a place to rest your head at night then this place will tick all the boxes. I would recommend that you go for one of the Penn 5000 rooms. They have been newly renovated and a bit more comfortable than the standard rooms. After checking in and a quick rest we went out to explore some of the surrounding areas.

We were only a few blocks from Time Square so that was the first place we headed. We then went to grab some food and decided on Chick-Fil-A. I had the chance to try this in North Carolina earlier in the Year but passed it up so that BF and I could try it together. It was definitely worth the wait. I ordered the Spicy Sandwich and Waffle Potato fries and they were so good! 100 times better than In-N-Out, controversial I know! After food, we went for a quick look around Macy’s and then for a few drinks in an Irish Bar called The Playwright on 35th and 6th, before heading back to the Hotel for a somewhat early night.


Sunday, November 6th

The next day we got the Subway down to Ground Zero to see World Trade Centre 1 and to visit the Memorial Museum. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts to grab breakfast before heading to the Museum. I got a breakfast sandwich and an iced latte and I was pretty let down by both. It was definitely one of the worst Dunkin’s that I had. It’s saving grace was 100% the Strawberry doughnut that I had at the end. The exhibits in the Museum were both upsetting and fascinating to see. I’d say it’s a must do when in NYC. We didn’t go up to the WTC1 observation deck as the clouds were so low that day. We found a busy little Irish Bar called O’Hara’s near to ground zero for some lunch and we got chatting with an amazing couple from Florida. We all had a couple of drinks together and as the weather wasn’t the best for walking around we decided to all get the Staten Island ferry to go see the Statue of Liberty. The Staten Island ferry is free, takes about 25 minutes each way and goes right past the Statue of Liberty. An added bonus is that there is a bar on board that sells cheap (by New York’s standard) beer. We got the ferry back to Manhatten, parted ways with our new friends and called it a night!


Monday, November 7th

We didn’t really have anything set in stone in terms of the itinerary for our trip. We knew what sites we wanted to see and we decided what we were doing each morning. The only thing we had set in stone was that Monday was going to be our shopping day. We got up early and got the bus out to Woodbury Common Outlets malls. We got breakfast in Pret and then got down to shopping. I picked up some things in Converse, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren and American Eagle. In the afternoon the heavens opened and it just rained and rained for about an hour. We took the opportunity to grab some drinks at a cute little bar in Woodbury Common. We got the bus back into the city, got changed and headed out for some food. This time it was Popeyes and we both got the Chicken Tenders and Biscuits. My god the amount of food that you get is crazy but it was so so good! After food, we found another Irish Bar called the Pig and Whistle on 36th and 7th. It was such a good bar, the drinks were reasonable and they did an amazing Mule. We ended up going back there a number of times over the trip.

Tuesday, November 8th


Breakfast on Tuesday was an event that both of us had been looking forward to all trip, IHOP! It was a bit of a walk away, which was probably a good thing based on the amount of calories that was going to be consumed. We went to the one on 14th and 2nd. I ordered Birthday Cake pancakes and they were amazing! The plan was to walk back up to Midtown but we had both eaten so much that we ended up jumping on the subway for a few stops. Once we got back up to Midtown we wandered around the shops for a bit and after a few hours, we decided to go up the Empire State building. We only went to the 86th floor and it was pretty breathtaking and very very cold. The views of the whole city were pretty amazing but bring a jacket as the wind is icy cold up there. After the Empire State building, we went to a restaurant called Stout on 33rd and 7th. I just had a salad as we were going to dinner a few hours later. After lunch and some drinks, we went back to the hotel to get ready for Dinner and Broadway. We went to Dinner at a restaurant called Jacks on 40th and 7th. The food was really good but it felt like they were rushing to get you out of the place. There wasn’t really a break between courses and because of that, I struggled to finish a good bit of the food.


After dinner, we went to see Aladdin at the New Amsterdam Theatre and it absolutely blew my mind. I had goosebumps from the start until the very end. They sang all the classic songs from the movie and songs that were added to the Broadway show. After the show, we went back to the Pig and Whistle for a few drinks but we were both so tired that we ended up having an early night.

Wednesday, November 9th


We weren’t up too early on the Wednesday morning after the show the night before but with Dunkin calling my name I didn’t stay in bed too long! After grabbing coffee and doughnuts for breakfast we got the subway up to Central Park. It was absolutely freezing so we popped into H&M to grab some scarfs and gloves before heading into the Park for a wander. We ended up spending a few hours in the Park, including a visit to the Central Park Zoo. The Sea Lion show was the highlight of it! After the Zoo and Central Park, we grabbed a Starbucks in Trump Tower and then got the subway back to the Hotel to get ready before meeting our new friends for some drinks. We went back to the Pig and Whistle for a couple of Mules and then headed to Hooters for dinner. There was a bit of a wait in Hooters but there was plenty of Shocktop to keep me happy. I ordered a chicken burger and tater tots and they were so good! Up there with the best meal of the trip. After dinner, we headed to a rooftop bar, 230 5th which had amazing views of the Empire State building and these adorable little winter igloos that you could sit in. They also gave out robes to keep you warm, which you definitely needed. We had a couple more drinks there before saying goodbye to our friends and heading back to the Hotel.






Thursday, November 10th

Our last day! And for our last breakfast, we went to Pret and I got a Mac & Cheese toastie (which was a bit too cheesy for my liking) and an almond croissant (which was amazing and I could eat everyday!!). After breakfast, we mainly just wandered around the shops and picked up a few last minute bits. I finally got my Kate Spade laptop bag and we made the trek up to Hollister. I picked up some sweets for everyone back in the office and got another silly card game to add to my collection. After wandering for a bit we got our bags and jumped in a cab back to the airport. At the airport, we had food and a few drinks in this really nice Sports Bar. Then it was onto our flight to start the trip home! After a relatively quick 5 and a half hour flight, we touched back down in Dublin.

New York was such a crazy, busy, fascinating city and it is definitely on my list to get back there at some point! Despite everything that I managed to do and see and eat I feel like there is always more! Fill me in on your adventures in New York or if you have any suggestions for other places that I need to check out!

Sophie. x



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  1. Anna
    November 14, 2017 at 9:56 pm

    Pics are so good! I appreciate all the dunkin and IHOP pictures, getting major food cravings. Those pancakes look insane!

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