Surviving a Mini-Cut: Week 2

Hey Everyone!

So I made it to week 2! Barely, thought I was done come Friday morning when that head cold hit me hard but I battled through!

On Monday I woke up, jumped on the scales and was down 1lb from the day before! I was definitley on the mend! With my sunday meal prep in my back pocket, sticking to my meal plan was relatively easy! I also happened to be super busy in work on Monday, and all week honestly, so that curbed my horrible habit of eating for no apparent reason. Usually when I’m bored or not very busy are the worst times! I also re-joined my old gym! That’s right, back to Goldstone with me. I was supposed to have my last one to one session with my coach last Saturday but due to my illness that didn’t happen. She’s still going to be my coach, I’m just going to be doing on my own from now on.

On Tuesday I was back up another .6lbs and when I had a little think over my previous day I attributed most of that to be water retention. I’ve seriously been lacking on my water intake recently so I made a mental note to focus on that as a big part of my cut. So many times before when I’ve upped my water intake my weight has come off a lot easier. I try to aim for 4 litres a day! Sounds like a lot but once you build up to it it becomes second nature. My food was good on Tuesday but I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a training or non-training day until I met up with my coach that evening so I ended up carbing up at lunch and having a low carb dinner. I did end up doing a training session, which was horrific. It was also my first session on my own so that was pretty odd. Motivation was hard to come by at some points but I battled through. As well as getting my program from my coach I also got my BF% done and miraculously I am down since the last time we checked it. It’s no where near my lowest but that’s what this cut is for!

2016-10-21-13_fotorWednesday saw me weighing in 1.2lbs lighter. I do weigh myself everyday and I know that I 100% have not lost 1.2lbs of fat overnight and that a million factors influence your weight such as time of day, amount of food you’ve eaten, water retention, time of the month for us ladies and the list goes on and on. The frequency with which you weigh yourself is completely up to you. Weighing myself everyday and sharing the changes with you all is just a way to show how much your weight can fluctuate day to day! I used to actually cry if my weight was up from the day before. Like I would be in floods of tears, but I know now that fat loss doesn’t happen overnight and that it’s a combination of so many things that affects it! So if your weight is down one day and up the next don’t panic! Take all of your individual weights for the week and get the average. This is much more of an accurate representation of your progress! Even better, take pics and get your BF% done! So much better for progress!

Wednesday also saw me have a slip up. And that slip up came in the form of cake that arrived into the office! Grrrrrr, I have such a weakness for cake and before I knew it I was snacking on a Peanut Butter Brownie slice (which I am trying to recreate in a healthier way) and my god it was amazing! Oooooops! Other than that bit of cake the rest of my food went to plan, except for water again! I estimated that I’m currently getting in about 2 to 3 litres a day! I just need to push to get the rest in!

Thursday started off with me waking up before my alarm, getting ready for the gym and then getting back into bed! BUT, I did manage to pull myself away from the warmth and head out into the freezing cold to get a good workout in! My 2nd workout without my coach was no easier than the first. Not having someone there to push you is something that will take me time to get used to but my motivation was pretty good when I got in there. I did have to improvise with some of my lifts but I think it worked out well! My weight was up .4lbs so that Peanut Butter Brownie definitley contributed to that! NOT! HA, remember that so many things can affect your weight, yes the extra couple hundred calories didn’t help but it definitely did not derail me. It was just a little bump in the road. As for food on Thursday it probably couldn’t have been better. Everything was spot on, 3 meals, 2 snacks! Still need to drink more water…

2016-10-22-19_fotorI had planned to get up and go to the gym on Friday morning to get some cardio in before work but my bed was just far too comfy! So that was a great start to the morning. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go that evening as we had a work night out. This motivation thing is harder than I thought! But I’ve decided that for next week I’m going to try to get up early every day, despite whether I’m going to the gym or not. I also weighed in at the same weight as Thursday. As I knew that I was going to be going out on Friday night, which included a meal and alcohol I kept my carbs and fats pretty low for the rest of the day. I’m not currently tracking macros but I did make a conscious effort to choose higher protein foods throughout the day. For dinner I ended up getting a caesar salad but with the amount of dressing that was on it I couldn’t really class it as healthy, just a little lower in carbs than the other options on the menu. I did end up consuming quite a number of alcoholic drinks, which isn’t very like me. Since switching my focus to fitness I’ve cut back on my alcohol consumption and have regularly stayed sober on a night out, so I knew that the next morning was not going to be pretty.

Aaaand it wasn’t. I woke up Saturday feeling a little worse for wear but I had to get up to go coach soccer. The fresh air definitley helped but as soon as I got home I ended up on the couch and probably didn’t move from there until about 4pm. I’m not sure how people do this every week. I did end up weighing in .4lbs lighter but I knew that the damage would show on the scales on Sunday. Food on Saturday wasn’t too bad, I did end up drinking a lot of fizzy drinks and not a lot of water but I did stick to a fairly clean diet, with a huge plate of veggies and chicken to finish the day off. I also made it to the gym in the evening and got a bit of cardio and foam rolling in!

2016-10-23-11_fotorClearly still not recovered from Friday night I ended up sleeping in late this morning. Jumping on the scales I assessed the damage that I knew I’d done; I had woken up feeling fluffy and bloated. I was up 1.4lbs. If I said that the number didn’t bother me I’d be lying. I knew that in reality most of that was water retention but there was probably a bit of extra work needed to get back on track. Never the less I hit the gym to get a good session in. Despite it being heavy I really enjoyed it! Even feeling at the end that upping the weight for the next session was a good possibility. As I ended up hitting the gym later than planned I just had a bigger brunch when I got back which kept me going to the afternoon. Which was when my cake weakness struck and I fell victim to a cupcake or two. Dinner with be something along the lines of chicken, potatoes and veggies! Oh and I have some meal prep to do for next week!

After averaging my weights and comparing them to last week I’m still loosing at a good rate, about 1lb a week. I’m going to try to up that to about 1.5lbs a week which will put me on track to hit about 10lbs by the end of the 6 weeks! I’m thrilled with my BF% so as long as that keeps falling throughout this cut I’ll be a very happy powerlifter!

Week 1 Average Weight: 163.8lbs

Week 2 Starting BF% (18/10) 24.4%

Week 2 Average Weight: 162.8lbs

Hope you enjoyed this post! Keep an eye on my Instagram for daily updates on how my cut is going and stay tuned for next weeks post on how week 3 went for me!

Keep Lifting,

Sophie x


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