Surviving a Mini-Cut: Week 1

Hey Everyone,

2016-10-13-06_fotorSo week 1 of this mini cut didn’t 100% go exactly to plan. Mainly due to the fact that a throat & chest infection really put a spanner in the works!

On Monday I woke up super motivated, which to be fair has continued for the rest of this week. I knew that Monday was my last semi-non-strict day so I was definitley a little bit more chilled when it came to food. Breakfast was eggs, bacon and a toasted brioche roll, lunch was soup with chicken for that bit of protein and dinner was a beef burger! Nom nom! Ended up making cookies for the BF so I ended up munching on a half of one of them! Of course I had to see how they turned out!

On Tuesday I was down .2lbs, which I was expecting as my Monday was pretty high carb with no exercise. Tuesday started with my first fat loss session at 6:15 am! I woke up feeling a bit meh and couldn’t shake the cough that I had. Either way training was tough, very tough! I’m not used to such high reps so straight away that was a struggle. Front squats, Military press, split squats and ring rows killed me, but it wasn’t over. Prowler lengths and rope slams really finished me off. Not only were the high reps new to me, so was the decreased rest time. 60 seconds between sets and then 30 seconds between prowler lengths and rope slams really has my heart racing. Essentially from the first front squat the session was go go go until the last rope slam! Completely different to my usual strength training program. Which I was starting to questions why I decided to inflict this on myself. It will be worth it in the end! I hope! Food on Tuesday had me back full pelt on my meal plan from the start of the year and I stuck to it pretty well. There was one or two extra snacks but otherwise I was pretty happy. Tuesday also marked the arrival of my Kerrigans order, which also mean I was meal prepping on Tuesday night. Tuesday was also day one of the throat infections, which saw me running to the chemist after work to stock up on strepsils. I was not going to let this defeat me.


I woke up on Wednesday down another .2lbs, not as much as I had expected but every little counts! I also woke up on Wednesday feeling awful! My throat was in bits and my chest was getting worse. Not a good start to the day! I had so wanted to join the gym today and get a bit of cardio in but that wasn’t going to be happening. My Kerrigans order from Tuesday had me excited for food on Wednesday, having tasty food ready to go is definitley the keep to keeping on track for me. Other than a sneaky cookie I ended up sticking to the meal plan pretty well. The throat infection was getting worse and I could feel a chest infection coming. Not good!

Thursday morning saw my throat and chest infection in full swing and stupidly I went to training. Trap bar deadlifts had me struggling to breathe, followed by dumbell bench press, leg press and barbell rows, all which were incredibly tough. My final circuit was 4 prowler lengths, followed by 15 burpees and 20 BW squats. I knew before I started that this was going to be the end of me, and I was right. The prowlers were manageable but the burpees has me crouched on the floor trying to breathe. It was honestly the first time that I cried during a training session. I survived two rounds of that circuit; we’re planning to work up to 3 rounds within the next few weeks. I was down another .2lbs and from a food perspective it definitley wasn’t as good as the rest of the week, with a few cookies thrown in to make me feel better. Although I didn’t really have much of an appetite so I found myself wanting to snack less, which is still my downfall!

2016-10-16-12_fotorOn Friday, I was back up another .2lbs, so them cookies I had must’ve played a part in that. Friday saw me having to take a day off work, a day off exercising and generally just have a day of sitting around doing nothing – probably the most boring day of my life! MY appetite was pretty minimal as well so I didn’t end up eating a whole lot. I did end up venturing out to Costa to get a hot chocolate to cheer me up and it was super good! But all in all, food was pretty clean on Friday.

On Saturday I woke up feeling a good bit better but ended up giving training and coaching soccer a miss. Last thing I needed was to be putting my chest under more stress or being out in the cold. I also woke up at the same weight as the day before.My appetite was still not really back to normal so other than my main meals I didn’t really eat a whole load. I did however get my hands on some Alpro ice cream which was super tasty and helped with my sore throat a lot so I helped myself to a bit of that! Another boring day of not leaving the house – not exactly how I planned my first week of this cut to go! Currently I’m just glad to be maintaining really, and will get back to focusing on loosing the weight next week when I’m feeling better. Fueling my body so that it can recover is much more important at the moment than cutting fat.

Today I woke up at the same weight again! Which I didn’t think I would after all the ice cream I ate yesterday. I’m feeling a lot better, with just a bad cough standing in my way at the moment.I got the food shopping done and grabbed my usual Sunday coffee! Loving the skinny flat white from Insomnia at the moment! All my food is ready to be prepped for next week, which I’m just about to get started with! This afternoon I got out the house and ended up going for a walk with the BF and our dog to Castlecomer. Definitley not my usual level of activity but a nice way to start getting back into the swing of things and it was nice to take advantage of a day that wasn’t plagued with rain.


Overall this week did not go completely to plan and I was hoping to be down a lot more weight than what I lost but I expect that once this cold and chest infection are cured the weight will start coming off a bit more easily! So my weight at the end of this week is 163.8lbs, which is a loss of just .4lbs. I’m going to be getting my BF% checked on Tuesday so that will be another great measure of progress.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks post and are looking forward to following my progress over the next few weeks!

Until next time, keep lifting!

Sophie x


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