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Hey Everyone,

So if you’ve been following me on my instagram and facebook page you will know that my first powerlifting competition is fast approaching – it’s actually less than a week away now. My PT even used the term ‘Competition Week’ in my conditioning session yesterday. Eeeeeep!

As you can probably guess from the heading of this post I’m going to chat about how I’m feeling, both physically and mentally, and any thoughts that I have in the build up to the competition. Training-wise, I stopped heavy deadlifting on Tuesday, which gave me about a 10 day break until the competition next Saturday. That means that the next time that I do a heavy deadlift will be when I’m on the platform competing. I still went heavy in training on Thursday with front squats and other accessory exercises and yesterday I had a very tough, quad focused, conditioning session. I’m not sure what’s in store for my last two training days this week but I think I might end up on the trap bar with some light weights to keep the muscles moving on Tuesday and probably continue with heavy squats on Thursday, which leads me right up to the competition on Saturday. As for cardio, which I do a solid zero amount of, I’m probably just going to keep walking for a few evenings during the week.

Food-wise, I just cannot wait to have pizza on Saturday night after the competition is over. No matter how well I do, I’m having pizza! In general I’ve been eating well, still not tracking macros, but sticking to my Carbs, Fat, Protein, Fibre breakdown that my PT gave me. I’m going to be meal prepping today for the week but as I’m going down to Cork on Friday evening I’m not sure what I’ll be doing for food just yet. I might end up prepping something quick on Thursday evening or I may hit up Nando’s on the way down! <3 I’m going to try to load up on the veggies this week to ensure that I’m feeling as healthy as possible for Saturday

Lets talk about weight! So I didn’t make it into the weight class that I was aiming for. My weight was dropping but just not quick enough. It wouldn’t have been healthy to try to loose weight at a higher rate. I would end up on the platform unable to make lifts that I had done with ease in training. As I’m competing to lift I’d rather be able to actually hit my lifts that than get into a lower weight class. I’m also hoping to get a new PB on the platform so I would be so disappointed with myself if I couldn’t do it because I got too hung up on the weight.

Over the last week I’ve felt generally run down and exhausted. A very busy, stressful and sad week finally caught up with me on Friday and no matter how much coffee and monster I drank I couldn’t shake the feeling of tiredness. A considerable amount of sleep was the only cure, which I’m currently working on. Hoping to shake this feeling of exhaustion before next Saturday. I’ve also taken up foam rolling (since yesterday) to try to help my muscles. Its not that I’ve ever avoided it, it just kept slipping my mind. My god it hurts when doing it but even after one session I can feel a difference. After a conditioning session like the one I did yesterday my quads would be in agony but after 15 mins on the foam roller last night there is barley any pain. It will definitley be coming to cork with me on Friday night!

Overall I’m feeling confident for the competition. I’d be lying if I said that there were no nerves or feelings of felt doubt floating around in my head because there most definitley is. I know that once I get on the platform and get my first lift, the nerves will melt away and I’ll (hopefully) go on to get my PB! Keep an eye on my instagram this week for the build up to the competition and on Saturday for updates on how I get on. If any of you are also competing on Saturday please let me know!

Sophie x


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