My 2 Month Fitness Update | Weightloss & Strength Training

Hey Everyone,

A little over two months ago I put up a post about how I was getting serious about loosing weight again. This post is just an update of what I’ve been doing, the progress that I’ve made and what I plan to do next!

What I’ve been doing

For the first month of the year I was still taking part in the Winter Running League. I was also running another evening a week as well as walking a couple of evenings a week. I also started meal prepping at the start of January. You can check out my blog post on meal prepping for more info on how I meal prep. I was seeing an overall reduction in my weight so I was pretty content that the healthy eating and frequent exercise was doing something. I also started back into BBG but it definitley wasn’t aligned with what I wanted to do, so I stopped with that after maybe week one. Around this time I started looking into the possibility of getting a personal trainer. I had spoke to some gyms about it in October but I just wasn’t in the right place to start back then. At this point I was really starting to miss weight lifting and all I wanted to do was to get back into the gym and lift something heavy. I very nearly joined back with my old gym, just so I would have a weight room to go to – but I knew that wouldn’t get me to competition. I needed someone to push me in the right direction and someone who also knew what they were talking about, someone who also competed. So that’s when I got in touch with the girl that trains me now, Geina. She competes in and has won powerlifting competitions so I knew she would be right for me. At the time she only had one space available and as I was waiting until payday all I could do was cross my fingers that she would still have a space when that rolled around.

February came along and so did payday. I was back in touch with Geina to see if she still had a space and she did. 6:30am Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Sure staying in bed never made anyone fit! Winter Running League wrapped up about a week into February so I was able to concentrate fully on weightlifting…and I haven’t looked back. I’m still meal prepping for the weeks and going for long walks on my off days. The first 4 weeks with Geina focussed on both fat-loss and strength training and I loved it. Now that March has rolled around I’m on a powerlifting program, with two strength training days and one conditioning day. The strength days are great, I love lifting heavy! The conditioning day is my worst nightmare, but I know that it’s helping me with other aspects of training so I just grit my teeth and work through it!

Going forward I’m going to stick with my strength training 100% and I’m planning to compete in July! I’m so excited for it! I’ll be keeping you all updated with my progress of course. If I was to try to define my progress for the last 2 months I would find it quite difficult. At the start it was all about weight loss but then when I started lifting it also became about strength and my progress in that area, so for specifics I’ve broken it up into two sections:

Weight-loss Progress

So in terms of weight loss I haven’t actually lost that much since the start of the year. I’ve gone up and down about 2KG over the course of 2 months. When I was running and concentrating on cardio I was steadily loosing weight. I lost about 2KGs in the first month, which was putting me on course for my June goal that I had set. Then I started weight lifting and that all changed. When I started training with Geina we took my weight and BF% during the first session. Weight was as expected and BF% was a bit lower. In the first 4 weeks I think I stepped on the scales 3 more times. The first I was down 1 and a half pounds, then a week later I was up half a pound, then in my last weight in, after 4 weeks I was right back where I started BUT I was down over 3% BF! Which is absolutely huge!  The weight wouldn’t even play a big part if I wasn’t competing in July but for me it’s really important to drop 10KG and get into a lower weight class! Especially starting off!

I plan to keep dropping the BF% and weight. We’re currently trying to find the right balance of food and training to ensure that my weight goes down but I don’t loose too much muscle in the process.

Strength Progress

Another huge part of my fitness journey has been my strength training. And to ignore that as a sign of progress would not give you the full picture of what I’ve been working towards. Of course, loosing weight is still important to me but getting stronger means so much more. Before I stopped strength training in October my squat was about 50KG for 5, my bench was about 30KG for 5 and my deadlift was anywhere from 7080KG for 5 with a 100KG 1RM when I was having a good day.

This week I did a 47KG squat for 6×4, a 70KG deadlift for 7×4 and a 35KG bench for 6×4! Not only are my big lifts getting heavier but my accessory lifts are also increasing in weight! I’ve learnt that they both benefit each other. Not only am I getting stronger but my heart health has also improved massively since the start of the year! At the start of the year I had a resting heart rate in and around the 80bpm. I noticed the other day that my resting heart rate is now 60bpm. 80 was a bit high, and it did surprise me considering the amount of exercise I did. 60 sounds a lot better!

My goal going forward to to drop about 10KG, loose another 5% BF, and lift a 170KG deadlift at the competition in July. Simples!

Leave a comment below and let me know how your fitness journey is going!

Until Next Time,

Sophie x


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