It Doesn’t Always Go to Plan & Starting a Mini-Cut

Hey Everyone,

So if you’ve been following me on my Instagram you’ll know that this weekend I was competing in a Squat and Bench competition in Galway. It was my second powerlifting competition and one that I was hoping to get a few PB’s in, especially following on from how well I did at the deadlift competition in July!

After a long drive I finally got to Galway about half 9 on Friday night. After a quick catch-up with my friend and a meal of chicken and rice I headed to bed conscious of the early start the next morning. Weigh in’s were at 7 and after jumping on the scales and a gear check it was time for breakfast! I was down a whole 0.1KG in comparison to my weigh in for the deadlift competition; at least I’m consistent! This placed me comfortably in the -80KG category. Breakfast was the usual french toast with bacon and soon enough it was time to head back to the venue to find out flight times. I ended up in the third flight, which wasn’t too much as a surprise but as there was only about 40 female lifters. I started warming up just as the first flight was finishing up. The warm up went well and felt good, heavy but good. I worked up to my opener, giving me the confidence that I’ll make my first lift on the platform – and I was right. 80KG felt really good. 85KG was heavy and didn’t come up as quick but I was feeling strong…and that’s where it went downhill. 90KG was my last lift and would have been a PB for me, but it just didn’t move! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t annoyed or frustrated. But it did motivate me to hit my bench PB that I was going for!

On the plus side, I was told that no one can make a singlet look good but I managed to pull it off! #slay!

So onto the bench! The warmup went way better than for my squat and I was feeling way more confident! I didn’t realise how nervous I was for the squat until I was done and getting ready for the bench. Once again I warmed up to my opener which was 40KG and on the platform it felt so light! 45KG went up just as easy, so then it was onto 50KG. A number I’ve been battling with for months. I don’t remember how many times I’ve failed at 50KG but I was feeling good on the platform! But as I went to press the bar off my chest it went up about halfway and stopped. No matter how hard I pushed and fought it would not move! Another failed lift! At this point I was so frustrated. Currently it feels like I’m never going to get past a 90KG squat and a 50KG bench!

However, after calming down a bit, focusing on how far I’ve come this year and realising that all competition experience is good experience, I’m even more motivated than ever to hit those¬†numbers and keep increasing my strength with all my lifts. So this weekend didn’t go to plan, but overall it was a great experience and I had a great time catching up with people from the deadlift competition and getting to meet new people. I’t full steam ahead now for my next competition in January/February of next year, but first a mini cut!



So my plan for the next six weeks is to follow a fat loss program to essentially reduce my weight and BF%. I’ve always wanted to go down a weight class for competing but while following a strength program it was close to impossible. Dropping a weight class for me isn’t about a half a KG or anything like that, to get into a lower weight class I’m looking at about 4KG. For my next competition I plan to compete in the lower category so instead of trying to loose it on December and January I’m planning to take the next 6 weeks out of strength training and focus on this mini cut!

My ‘Surviving BBG’ series proved to be very popular amongst all you guys so I’m planning to do something along the lines of that for the next 6 weeks. I’ll chat about how my week went, how much torture my training sessions were, how much cardio, if any I do and arguably most importantly what foods I eat. For this mini cut I’m going to be taking another break from IIFYM, just to see how things go! I’m going back to the original meal plan that I was using in February, which I saw some pretty good success with. The meal plan coupled with a fat loss program and a bit of extra cardio thrown in should see me getting some good results. Surprisingly I’m actually looking forward to what the next 6 weeks hold. I’m planning to be as strict as possible as I really what to see how my body will respond and what it can do!

So here is my starting point: 164.2lbs (Monday, 10th October), I’m not sure my BF%, I’ll get that checked tomorrow and let you all know in the next blog post. My goals? Not set in stone but definitley 4KG and hopefully about 4-5% BF would be nice! I hope that you’ll stick with me for the next phase of my fitness journey! Stay tuned for weekly updates coming your way!

Keep Lifting,

Sophie x


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