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Hello Everyone!

You might be thinking right now that the title is a small bit click-baity and that I’m trying to entice people back to my blog after my hiatus! TheBench truth? Over the last few weeks/months I did gain weight and yes you did read the title correctly; I’m happy about it! If you told me 3 and a half years ago, when I made the conscious decision to loose weight and get healthy that I would spend hours in the gym doing cardio and weights to loose over 10KG, get down to a good weight to then put all that weight back on and get back up to the weight that I started at, I’d have probably had a breakdown right then and there and insisted that it was never going to happen to me.

I didn’t start out with the intention of bulking ahead of my next competition. Last October/November I did a Mini-Cut for about 4 weeks to get my weight down for my competition in the January. Unfortunately illness defeated me and I couldn’t compete; take a look at my last post if you’re curious about if you should train when ill or not. So instead, I jumped head first into my training! As I was now not competing until the end of May it meant that I had some time to gain some strength. I started on a program with a lot of volume, with hour and a half sessions, 4 times a week. The results of this were constant sore muscles, tiredness and hunger. A lot of hunger! So, instead of straying away from food, I gave my body what it needed to build the muscle! Now, looking back, I probably could have been a bit cleaner in terms of my food choices and along the way I definitley gained some fat, but there was also some muscle gains in there as well. All of my lifts progressed, especially my bench, which, for anyone who has been following my blog & instagram for a while will know that it was always my weakest lift and was definitley stuck at a plateau. Bench has now become my favourite lift! Before I realised, I was 6KG heavier than what I weighed in at for my last competition in October. And I was definitley on the pudgier side!

Now at this point, standing on the scales and realising how much weight I had put on, 2014 Sophie probably would have had a good cry for herself, cut her calories and gone for a good long run on the treadmill! 2017 Sophie has learned a lot since then and despite being on the softer side knew that it wasn’t just fat that was gained. I went back through my photos from 2013 and found the ones that I took just after I started loosing weight. I hadn’t gone back to that size or shape, sure I wasn’t the tightest or leanest I’d ever been but there was still definition there and more importantly my lifts had come on in leaps and bounds! So my accidental bulk was probably the best thing I’ve done for my training in a long time! Sure, it meant I had to move up a weight class but it also meant that I had increased my muscles mass and seeing some definition was nothing that a cut couldn’t fix!

RB_progressSo in March of this year I signed up with Recalibrated Bodies to get a nutritional plan with the intention of reducing my body fat % while still building strength and fuelling my workouts. Anyone who has been following me for a while will know about the damage that I’ve done to my metabolism, from a couple of years of being on very low calories. I knew that working with Recalibrated Bodies, I would be able to reverse the damage done and start increasing my calories. And they did exactly that; my first program with them I was on almost 1900 calories for training days and 1700 calories for non-training days. Now for some people you may think that those numbers seem low, but for me it meant so much food! The result of eating more food? 1.5KG down on the scales, 6.5% BF lost and a 5.4KG increase of lean body mass. I’m just after starting my 2nd program with them and my training day calories are up close to 2000 and I’m continuing to loose body fat! It may have taken me a few years but I’m now one of those people that realise that food is not the enemy!

I have my next powerlifting competition next weekend and I’m finally feeling good about all of my lifts! I’m confident that I’ll be hitting PB’s on all of them. This week is going to be a deload week to get my body in a good place for next weekend! Keep an eye on my instagram and facebook for competition updates! Once my competition is done it will be straight back into focusing on fatloss ahead of my holiday to Greece in just over 4 weeks! Starting next week I’ll be doing another mini blog series chatting about my progress towards my goal of feeling confident in a bikini!

For everyone who stuck around while I took a break from blogging – I really do love you so much! For any new followers to my page -welcome, I tend to word vomit a lot! I’m planning to get back to my weekly post so keep any eye out for them every Sunday!

Until next time,

Keep Lifting!

Sophie x



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  1. Ailis
    November 15, 2017 at 11:15 am

    All the best Sophie for your competition.

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