GlossyBox January Unboxing

Hey Everyone!

Take a guess what landed on my desk in work this week, that’s right the first GlossyBox of the year and if I do say so it was pretty top notch!


Like always there were 5 products in this GlossyBox, 4 full sized and 1 luxury sized, which was a first for me! Suppose I’ll start with the luxury sized product and that is the Madara Cellulor Repair Serum. This was the first product that caught my eye so naturally was the first product that I tried. For a serum it had a very thin consistency which surprised me, it was also pale green in colour. It is a cell repairing bio-complex with revitalising birch juice to plump the skin and boot hydration and radiance. I’ve used it a couple of mornings since I got it and so far my skin has seemed a lot smoother and hydrated. So win-win for product number 1!

The second product that caught my eye was the Teeez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick. It has really cool packaging and is a really nice pinky orange colour, perfect colour for me! It also contains coconut oil to keep lips soft and hydrated and it really works! My lips felt as soft as if I had been using vaseline, and that’s saying something! Imagine my devastation when I opened it to use it and it had broken in my pocket! I was so sad, I hacked it back together so I’m just going to roll with it! This was probably my favourite product in the box.


This box feature another skin product which I am yet to try, the Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask. I’m not a huge face mask user but I’m excited to use this one. I squeezed a bit out and it was a clear gel, which surprised me for a face mask! It’s a herbal based mask that both cares and protects your skin. Mainly aimed at sensitive skin, which I don’t have i’m hoping it will give my face a gentle cleanse. I may start using it once a week depending on the results I see.

The other makeup product that came in the box was a GlossyBox Eyeshadow in Glossy Mauve. To be honest when I saw that it was an own brand eyeshadow I didn’t expect much but I was once again, pleasantly surprised. I used it as part of a neutral smokey eye and it blended very well. Like it says on the tin it’s a browny-purple colour so perfect for an everyday eye look!



The only hair product in this product was a Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum. Now this product kind of scares me as I have very fine hair. I feel like it might weigh my hair down but I suppose I’ll try anything once! This spray will control frizz and boost shine.This may be something I could use after blow-drying my hair, when it’s “fluffy!” I’ll let you all know how it goes!

If anyone wants to sign up for GlossyBox you can do so through this link: *

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! I’m super excited for next month’s GlossyBox; we got to choose our own shade of lipstick! YAY!

Until next time,

Sophie x


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