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Hey Guys!

If you’re reading this you either stuck with me through my bit of a hiatus, in which case I really appreciate all your support, or, this is your first time on my blog, in which case welcome! ūüôā

I spent a bit of time this other day¬†looking back over some of my older blog posts, especially some of my most popular ones and what was a common theme in a lot of them was the number of goals that I was setting myself. Now, truthfully, I’ve probably hit about 1% of them goals and have fallen extremely short of any to do with weight loss but the 1% that I have achieved have been massive to me. At the start of the year I knew that I wanted to compete in a powerlifting competition and not only did I acheive¬†that goal, I also hit a new PB, came 4th in my weight category, just once spot outside of a medal and qualified to lift at a european level! My second competition of the year is now fast approaching and my main goal for it is to smash more PB’s, no matter where I end up placing! This year has been¬†about competing with myself. I knew that in year 1 I wasn’t going to be winning competitions or qualifying for Europe, (which was a surprise and in the end something I did not compete in – probably next year for me) I just wanted to get going and see how well I could do!

So what happens once my competition is done and dusted? Well it is going to be my last competition of the year; my next competition is likely to be in January/February of next year, depending what federation I end up joining, so that leaves me with about 12 weeks to play around with.

The long term goal is to be hitting even more PB’s next year with a focus on qualifying for Europe and Worlds; the focus will always be on weightlifting – but to better my chances of reaching my goals I’m going to look at all aspects of my training. What happens outside the gym is just as important as what happens inside it. One major goal that I have generally missed revolves around weight loss. Looking back on my previous blog posts a common theme that I was noticing was an attempt at loosing a lot of weight in a short space of time. So this time I don’t want to do that! 4KG is the number, 12 weeks is the timeframe. But loosing weight and strength training do not easily go hand in hand. Yes it can be done but it is tough, trust me, I’ve have tried and failed a number of times.

So, if I want to reduce my body fat but strength training is limiting that there is only one thing to do – go on a fat loss program. Cue the mental breakdown. Yes, you may call me crazy but once my competition is finished I am moving to a fat loss program for about 6 weeks, depending on my progress. It pains me to say it but fat loss programs work wonders. When I started with my coach I did a fat loss programme for about a month and lost about 4% BF. When I moved to a strength program the rate of loss reduced, then stalled and then eventually started to creep back up.

Despite how awful I know it will be, I’m secretly looking forward to changing programs and seeing a different type of progress. From my strength training I know that I’ve built muscle, which is currently hidden away beneath a layer of fat – I’m planning to eat clean, work hard and hopefully see some definition at the end of the 6-ish weeks. For any of you who may be in the same boat as me but worry about loosing your strength while on a fat loss program, trust me, you won’t. Yes, when you go back it may take a few sessions to build back up to what you were previously repping out but you may find that you come back stronger!

Whatever happens I’m looking forward to the next few weeks and months. Between now and January, I have a competition, a trip to Amsterdam, a wedding, a Christmas party, and a concert. Loads of chances to be led astray but I’m determined to not let my hard work be undone by social events – because to be honest I’m not going to stay inside and be a hermit who just trains and eats chicken and rice! I’m just going to try a little harder to make better decisions.

That’s all I really have to say about my fitness plans for the next few months. If anything changes you can be sure that there will be some sort of blog post on it. To keep up with my day-to-day activities and progress make sure you follow my instagram!

Keep Lifting,

Sophie x


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