Hey Guys, So this post was actually requested so I’m going to share with you how I make my Zucchini Lasagne! I’ve made this the last two weeks for meal prep and despite it taking a bit longer than usual it’s definitley worth it. Now I’m a big advocate for eating carbs and I’m definitleyContinue reading


Hey Everyone! Take a guess what landed on my desk in work this week, that’s right the first GlossyBox of the year and if I do say so it was pretty top notch! Like always there were 5 products in this GlossyBox, 4 full sized and 1 luxury sized, which was a first for me!Continue reading

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Hey Guys! A huge part of keeping on the straight and narrow with clean eating is to meal prep! I find that it makes clean eating second nature as there is always something in the fridge to eat. As I mentioned in my last post between about 3pm and dinner time was my weak pointContinue reading